Total Hip Arthroplasty After Contralateral Hip Disarticulation: A Challenging “Simple Primary”
Patients with lower limb amputation have a high incidence of hip and knee osteoarthritis in both the residual limb and... More
Arthroscopic Posterior-Inferior Capsular Release in the Treatment of Overhead Athletes
In this article, we present our technique for arthroscopic posterior-inferior capsular release and report the results... More
Percutaneous Fixation of Hypertrophic Nonunion of the Inferior Pubic Ramus: A Report of Two Cases and Surgical Technique
Symptomatic hypertrophic nonunions of the inferior pubic ramus are amenable to percutaneous screw fixation in patients... More
Retrograde Reamer/Irrigator/Aspirator Technique for Autologous Bone Graft Harvesting With the Patient in the Prone Position
In recent years, the Reamer/Irrigator/Aspirator (RIA) system (Synthes, West Chester, Pennsylvania) has emerged as an... More
Integrating New Pain Management Options into Your Practice
Dr. Steven Sampson will share ways to integrate alternative pain medicine into your practice, recent studies in... More

Original Study

Melamed E, Beutel BG, Robinson D
Structural failure of rotator cuff repairs has been attributed to multiple factors, including poor repair tissue quality and poor tendon–bone integration. Chitosan gel has been shown to facilitate scarless healing of soft tissues. In the study rep... More »


Khair MM, Tilton AK, Cole BJ
The discipline of orthopedic medicine and surgery has dramatically advanced over the last several decades. Improved understanding of biomechanics, tissue healing, and the pathogenesis of musculoskeletal diseases has allowed us to make significant pro... More »

Online Exclusive, From the Resident Advisory Board

Jackson JB III
The modern age of health care has driven a national interest in quality, health care economics, and proving value. A commonly used definition for quality is value/cost. Defining the value of orthopedic residents is difficult. With changes in the deli... More »

Online Exclusive, Case Report and Literature Review

Estes AR, Oladeji LO
Anterior tibial spine fractures are rare and were thought to occur mainly in children; however, recent literature indicates that the incidence in adults is much greater than previously thought. Because the tibial spine is an attachment point for the ... More »

Online Exclusive, Case Report and Literature Review

Linn MS, Indresano AA, Schwartz A
Traction pins are an essential tool in the orthopedic surgeon’s armamentarium. Historically a definitive treatment for some fractures, they are mainly used as a temporizing measure today. Despite their frequent use and relative simplicity, traction... More »

Online Exclusive, Case Report and Literature Review

Jagow DM, Garcia BJ, Yacoubian SV, Yacoubian SV
Various complications after intramedullary (IM) nailing of the tibia have been reported, the most common of which are anterior knee pain and symptoms similar to patella tendonitis. Complete rupture of the patellar tendon after IM nailing of the tibia... More »

Online Exclusive, Original Study

Sabesan V, Callanan M, Sharma V, Wiater JM
There has been increased focus on understanding risk factors for scapular notching in reverse shoulder arthroplasty (RSA). We conducted a study to evaluate the scapular notching index and other factors associated with the occurrence of scapular notch... More »

Online Exclusive, Original Study

Oladeji LO, Raley JA, Menendez ME, Ponce BA
As cardiovascular complications are associated with significant morbidity and mortality in patients who have arthroplasty, it is important to analyze risk factors for perioperative cardiac morbidity after shoulder arthroplasty. Using the Nationwide ... More »

Online Exclusive, Original Study

Maratt JD, Gagnier JJ, Gombera MM, Reske SE, Hallstrom BR, Urquhart AG
With medical economics in the national sociopolitical spotlight, we conducted a study to assess patients’ understanding of the cost of 2 common orthopedic procedures: total hip and knee arthroplasty (THA, TKA). We surveyed 284 consecutive THA or TK... More »

Online Exclusive, Review Paper

Faust KC, Kimbrough T, Oakes JE, Edmunds JO, Faust DC
Polydactyly is considered either the most or second most (after syndactyly) common congenital hand abnormality. Polydactyly is not simply a duplication; the anatomy is abnormal with hypoplastic structures, abnormally contoured joints, and anomalous t... More »

Topic Collection

Song KS, Lee SW
Displaced femoral neck fractures are rare in children and are associated with a high rate of complications. Subtrochanteric fractures after cannulated screw fixation of femoral neck fractures in adults are well recognized, and there are several repor... More »

Topic Collection

Momaya A, Ray P, Khoury J
Tension band plating is a commonly performed procedure to address angular deformities about the knee in children. We present a case of a synovial fistula formation after tension band plate removal, an unreported complication in the literature. An 11-... More »

Topic Collection

Spanyer JM, Crawford CH III, Canan CE, Burke LO, Heintzman SE, Carreon LY
The goal of surgical treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is to prevent disability associated with curve progression. Few investigators have considered whether the function of patients with AIS becomes adversely affected by major spine ... More »

October 2014

This useful resource for the orthopedic surgeon addresses key issues in postsurgical pain management and multimodal care pathways. Among the topics discussed are recent advances in incorporation of local analgesics in postsurgical pain pathways, tran... More »
Makhni EC, Jobin CM, Levine WN, Ahmad CS
Distal biceps repair performed by Dr. Makhni and Dr. Jobin, filmed by Dr. Makhni using Google Glass.  To read the authors' full article "5 Points on Using Wearable Technology to Record Surgical Videos," click here. LimelightPlayer... More »

Conference News

Highlights of the 3rd Annual Emerging Techniques in Orthopedics... More »