Hibernomas are rare benign soft-tissue tumors containing brown fat. Clinically, they present as slow-growing, painless... More
Technique for Lumbar Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy for Sagittal Plane Deformity in Revision
Pedicle subtraction osteotomies are being used with increasing frequency to treat the problem of sagittal imbalance... More
Rationale for Strategic Graft Placement in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: I.D.E.A.L. Femoral Tunnel Position
In the United States, surgeons perform an estimated 200,000 anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions (ACLRs) each... More
Targeting a New Safe Zone: A Step in the Development of Patient-Specific Component Positioning for Total Hip Arthroplasty
Surgeons often target the Lewinnek zone, with its mean (SD) inclination of 40° (10°) and mean (SD) anteversion of 15°... More
Integrating New Pain Management Options into Your Practice
Dr. Steven Sampson will share ways to integrate alternative pain medicine into your practice, recent studies in... More

Original Study

Tan KG, Sathappan SS, Teo YH, Low WCJ
Osteoarthritic (OA) knees with severe extension varus deformity seem to have correspondingly more severe flexion varus, especially beyond a certain tibiofemoral angle. Clinical measurement of flexion varus and fixed flexion deformity (FFD), which had... More »


Carroll KM, Pearle AD
Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a good surgical option to relieve pain and improve function in patients with osteoarthritis. The goal of surgery is to achieve a well-aligned prosthesis with well-balanced ligaments in order to minimize wear and impro... More »

Letter to the Editor

An Important Use of a National Joint Registry I enjoyed the 2 articles on the issue of “Orthopedic Registries” by Dr. Sarmiento and Dr. Mont and colleagues in the April 2015 issue of The American Journal of Orthopedics (pages 159-162). Both aut... More »

Online Exclusive, Case Report and Literature Review

Thakkar SC, Hsu N, Hasenboehler EA
Disruptions of the extensor mechanism of the knee may be bony or tendinous in nature. The consequences of such disruptions are not favorable because they prevent normal function of the knee, which is critical for independent ambulation. We report on ... More »

Online Exclusive, Case Report and Literature Review

Potini VC, Gehrmann RM
Since 1887, approximately 50 cases of an intra-articular patellar dislocation have been reported in the worldwide literature. The vast majority of patients required an open reduction of the patella or closed reduction under general anesthesia. This i... More »

Online Exclusive, Original Study

Ponce BA, Rosenzweig SD, Sheppard ED, Jennings JK, Thompson KJ
The role of rotator interval in shoulder pathology and the effect of its closure are not well understood. In addition, the effect of rotator interval closure on intra-articular glenohumeral volume (GHV) remains unknown. We conducted a study to quant... More »

Online Exclusive, Original Study

Chambers C, Craig JG, Zvirbulis R, Nelson F
Reports in the literature have suggested a causal relationship between knee arthroscopy and spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee (SONK). We conducted a study to determine if there are imaging characteristics associated with SONK and if there is a r... More »

Online Exclusive, Original Study

Smith BW, Buyea CM, Anders MJ
Motorcycle popularity, urban sprawl, and large deer populations result in a significant number of deer–motorcycle collisions. This retrospective review of a level I trauma center in Buffalo, New York, revealed that 40 of 487 (8.2%) of patients admi... More »

Online Exclusive, Original Study

Miller CP, Golinvaux NS, Brubacher JW, Bohl DD, Deng Y, Grauer JN
Cervical spine fractures can lead to many devastating consequences. However, mortality rates of older individuals with odontoid or subaxial spine fractures have not been definitively established. We conducted a retrospective review of all patients ... More »

Online Exclusive, Review Paper

Bushnell BD
A co-management arrangement (CMA) is a contractual relationship between physicians and a hospital that results in a shared-responsibility management structure for a specific service line. In orthopedic surgery, CMAs are becoming increasingly popular ... More »

Topic Collection

Song KS, Lee SW
Displaced femoral neck fractures are rare in children and are associated with a high rate of complications. Subtrochanteric fractures after cannulated screw fixation of femoral neck fractures in adults are well recognized, and there are several repor... More »

Topic Collection

Momaya A, Ray P, Khoury J
Tension band plating is a commonly performed procedure to address angular deformities about the knee in children. We present a case of a synovial fistula formation after tension band plate removal, an unreported complication in the literature. An 11-... More »

Topic Collection

Spanyer JM, Crawford CH III, Canan CE, Burke LO, Heintzman SE, Carreon LY
The goal of surgical treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is to prevent disability associated with curve progression. Few investigators have considered whether the function of patients with AIS becomes adversely affected by major spine ... More »

October 2014

This useful resource for the orthopedic surgeon addresses key issues in postsurgical pain management and multimodal care pathways. Among the topics discussed are recent advances in incorporation of local analgesics in postsurgical pain pathways, tran... More »
Makhni EC, Jobin CM, Levine WN, Ahmad CS
Distal biceps repair performed by Dr. Makhni and Dr. Jobin, filmed by Dr. Makhni using Google Glass.  To read the authors' full article "5 Points on Using Wearable Technology to Record Surgical Videos," click here. LimelightPlayer... More »

Conference News

Highlights of the 3rd Annual Emerging Techniques in Orthopedics... More »