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Newly Available, Newly Approved

Night Splint

AliMed, Inc., has developed the D2 Night Splint to help athletes with plantar fasciitis return to their sport more quickly.

The D2 Dorsal Night Splint provides a progressive stretch force to the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, and calf musculature. It delivers stretch, not through a fixed shell, but with an adjustable dynamic cord that provides a constant low-load force throughout the night. As tolerance improves, the stretch can be increased. This leads to better patient compliance and quicker healing.

AliMed notes that patients can wear the D2 Night Splint the entire night and can easily control the stretch of the splint, allowing all-night comfort as they continue the healing process. The bottom of the splint is plastic-free, and the hinged ankle allows for a more natural gait.

For more information about the D2 Night Splint or for a free copy of AliMed’s Splints and Braces catalog, contact AliMed, Inc.,

AliMed, Inc.
297 High Street
Dedham, MA 02026
phone (800) 225-2610

Advanced Energy Surgical Device

Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc., has introduced the Aquamantys™ Malleable Bipolar Sealer with Light (MBS). The MBS employs Transcollation™ technology to significantly reduce bleeding in hard-to-reach anatomy during joint replacement surgery. The company notes that reducing blood loss improves visualization for the surgeon and may result in improved clinical outcomes for the patient and lower costs to the hospital.

The innovation of the MBS is a malleable shaft that allows surgeons to shape the device to help fit the particular surgical situation. The shaft also features a lighted tip to improve visibility. The MBS is used with the same Aquamantys System Generator as the Company’s standard 2.3 and 6.0 Bipolar Sealer devices.

Contact Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc., for more information at

Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc.
One Washington Center, Suite 400
phone (800) 354-2808

Integrated and Wireless Mobile Detector Technology

Am J Orthop. 2008;37(10):538.

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