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Then & Now: Revisiting Treatment Options in Orthopedics

In an effort to look at the evolution of treatment options in orthopedics over time, The American Journal of Orthopedics has reviewed case reports published 10 years ago in the journal, and sought out feedback from experts on how current treatment has, or has not changed, and why.

This month, we reviewed a case report that was published in June 2002 by Boretz and Lonner on the atypical presentation of an osteoma in a child. The osteoma was discovered as an incidental finding on a bone scan. Treatment consisted of curettage and grafting with complete resolution of symptoms.

Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD, Associate Editor of Pediatrics, revisited this treatment option. His commentary can be found on page 19.

Am J Orthop. 2013;42(1):17-19.

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