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AJO Awards Molly C. Meadows, MD, Second-Place Resident Writer's Award

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2017 AJO Resident Writer's Awards

Second-Place Award

An Original Study

Effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Indomethacin on Biomechanics of Rotator Cuff Repair

Molly C. Meadows, MD, David M. Levy, MD, Christopher M. Ferry, MS, Thomas R. Gardner, MCE, Takeshi Teratani, MD, and Christopher S. Ahmad, MD


2017 Second-Place Resident Writer's Award
Molly C. Meadows, MD
Dr. Meadows is currently in her chief year of orthopedic surgery residency training at Rush University Medical Center. Prior to residency, she completed undergraduate education at Brown University and medical school at Columbia University. Dr. Meadows is beginning a sports medicine fellowship at Stanford University in August 2018, and she plans to pursue a pediatric orthopedic fellowship thereafter.

Her research interests include osteochondritis dissecans lesions, patellofemoral disorders, and other sports injuries in the skeletally immature population.

Read the full version of Dr. Meadows' original study.

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