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ArthrexBioComposite SwiveLock Anchorn/a width: 4.75;mm height: 19.1;mm Shoulder & Elbow Full listing »
ArthrexBioComposite SwiveLock C, with White/Black TigerTape™ Loopn/a width: 4.75;mm height: 19.1;mm Shoulder & Elbow Full listing »
ArthrexBioComposite SwiveLock Anchor, With Blue FiberTape Loopn/a width: 4.75;mm height: 19.1;mm Shoulder & Elbow Full listing »
ArthrexKnotless SutureTak® AnchorThe Knotless SutureTak anchor simplifies arthroscopic glenohumeral joint instability repair by combining a proven1 and reproducible suture anchor design and insertion procedure with knotless soft-tissue fixation. The guide and drill are used to create a pilot hole precisely on the glenoid rim and the suture anchor is inserted through the guide maintaining the same portal and drill trajectory. The suture is passed and then shuttled into the locking mechanism allowing the user to control the tension of the suture repair for knotless fixation of the soft tissue under direct visualization. This anchor may also be used in an interlocking fashion to create bridging constructs for PASTA and remplissage repair. Knee, Sports Medicine Full listing »
ArthrexSpeedBridge™ Implant System With SwiveLock® AnchorsThe SpeedBridge™ implant system includes the implants and sutures necessary for completing a SpeedBridge rotator cuff repair, provided in a single sterile tray to maximize OR convenience and efficiency. BioComposite SpeedBridge implant systems include 4.75 mm vented BioComposite SwiveLock® anchors with preloaded FiberTape® loops to ease suture passage in the medial row and 4.75 mm BioComposite SwiveLock C anchors or 5.5 mm BioComposite SwiveLock SP (self-punching) anchors for the later row. The sterile package includes the required punch for convenience. Shoulder & Elbow Full listing »
ArthrexArthroFLEX® Dermal AllograftArthroFLEX®* dermal allograft, intended to supplement soft-tissue repairs, is rendered acellular through the patented and validated MatrACELL®* process. This process allows the matrix to retain growth factors, native collagen scaffold, and elastin, which are required for healing, without compromising biomechanical or biochemical properties. The MatrACELL process removes donor DNA from the dermal matrix, ensuring a biocompatible scaffold to facilitate repair. variations: Multiple; Shoulder & Elbow, Hip, Foot & Ankle, Biologics Full listing »