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ManufacturerProduct NameDescriptionPriceSpecsMediaCategories
AnsellMICRO-TOUCH EP Excellent elasticity and memory for a secure, comfortable fit. Thicker cuff for added protection. Textured surface provides extra protection for sure handling of materials and instruments in wet and dry conditions. Extended 12” reinforced cuff.product construction: Natural Rubber Latex material. Powder-free; Knee, Shoulder & Elbow, Hip, Spine, Pediatrics, Biologics Full listing »
AnsellMICRO-TOUCH NitrileProtection from latex Type I allergy in HCW’s or patients. An AQL better than industry standards delivers consistent, high quality productionproduct construction: Nitrile material. Powder-free.; Knee, Hip, Spine, Shoulder & Elbow, Biologics, Pediatrics Full listing »
AnsellGAMMEX Non-LatexNon-latex and 100% chemical accelerator-free to eliminate the risk of latex Type I and minimize chemical. Type IV allergies and skin sensitivities. Extended cuff length for extra protection. Anti-slip, smooth external finish for secure instrument handling and grip.Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs and a wide range of chemicals used in hospitals.product construction: Neoprene (Polychloroprene) material. Powder-free. ; Knee, Hip, Spine, Shoulder & Elbow, Foot & Ankle, Pediatrics Full listing »